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Two new Sepultura songs, “The Treatment” and “We’ve Lost You,” are now avail on the band’s MySpace page. The tracks come off of A-Lex, Sep’s forthcoming, Cavalera-less, A Clockwork Orange-themed album. Since we’re nothing if not dorks here at MetalSucks, I thought it would be fun to needlessly dissect, judge, and argue about the two tracks. After the jump, read my thoughts, and then tell me why I’m a genius/asshole in our comments sections.

  • “The Treatment.” I neither love nor loathe this song. It sounds enough like Chaos A.D.-era Sep not to offend me, but I also don’t see it taking “Refuse/Resist”‘s place in the Metal Anthem Hall of Fame anytime soon. New drummer Jean Dolabella seems to come from the Lars Ulrich “Play the Least Interesting Thing at Any Given Moment” School of Percussion, and if the lyrics are any indication, this is going to be the most heavy-handed interpretation of A Clockwork Orange ever – which is saying something. But Andreas Kisser’s guitar solo is pretty cool.
  • “We’ve Lost You.” Wow. I actually really dig this song. The opening acoustic guitars keep up the band’s tradition of incorporating world music into their metal without sounding like the group is just repeating themselves. The riff is pure elephants marching shit, which, y’know, I love, and the trippy midsection is awesome (Why do I always forget how bad-ass Andreas Kisser is?). Dolabella’s drumming is still not super-creative, but I don’t know if there’s room for super-creative drumming in this tune anyway. And I really, really want to scream along with the chorus, which I mean as high praise.

So, there you have it. These two songs tell me almost nothing about whether or not I’m going to enjoy this record. It could be really “blah” or Sepultura could surprise me for the second time in a row.

A-Lex comes out on SPV on January 27 here in the U.S. and slightly earlier everywhere else in the world.
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