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celestial bloodshedExhibit A: During the two-day black metal festival “Nidarosian Black Mass” in Trondheim, Norway this past weekend, the band Celestial Bloodshed played their gig in stage costumes that had been brewing in a box with a deer corpse… for four months. They took their clothes — and the corpse — out of the box on the day of the gig, and used both on stage. Result? The bar next door who happened to be connected to the venue’s air conditioning system had to close for the night due to the stench of death. This information comes via MetalSucks reader Fritz who was kind enough to summarize this Norwegian newspaper article, so we’ll have to take his word for it. Is there any doubt why Norway is the metal capital of the world?

Exhibit B: This is kind of an old story, but newsworthy nonetheless: A Wisconsin man recently became so incensed by what he deemed to be a disrespectful karaoke performance of Dio’s song Holy Diver that he attacked the singer and a second man.

Exhibit C: Creed are rumoured to be reuniting and no one has offed Scott Stapp yet. What the fuck??? Get on that.


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