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  • Kip Wingerschmidt

flowertravellinbandsatoricoverWe here at MetalBlows take our retro obscure seriously. Not simply the passing fads of ‘ain’t-it-oh-so-hep’ genre rehashes-of-de-moment, but I’m talkin real-deal old-school underground shiz…naturally, this holds especially true when it comes to classic psychedelic prog.

And therefore, I am honored to present to you this long-stuck-in-the-crates (or hard drive, rather) Japanese gem from yesteryear. I first heard this album one early weekend morn at the infamous Shit Factory (well before the first phase of the MS Mansion was even under construction), after a long night of galavanting about in the nether regions of Brookland — and I’ll be damned if it didn’t take me one hell of a minute to find it at my music-gathering place-of-choice, our many internets.

I recently got into a debate with the esteemed rebbe Anton Oyvey(sky) about obscure 70s psych-prog bands, which fast turned into a challenge, then eventually a bit of a pissing contest, and finally a bet…needless to say, I brought up The Flower Travellin’ Band, and he’s since become the only head of a rabbinical studies program at a renowned yeshiva with a handlebar mustache. Mucho props to you for going through with it, buddy!

And so I turn to you, our hate-mongering tripped-out readers, and suggest that perhaps this would be a good afternoon to unearth that frozen 8th of fungi, whip up some of Grandpa Wingerschmidt’s World-Famous Mushroomz Tea, put on this album from start to fffinish, begin cleaning your home, and have a good ol’ fashioned buggout when you get to the back closet…yelp!!

After the jump, in its entirety, Satori.

The Flower Travellin’ Band Satori (1971)
“Satori, Pt.1”

“Satori, Pt. 2”

“Satori, Pt. 3”

“Satori, Pt. 4”

“Satori, Pt. 5”

Enjoy, and if you freak out too hard (or you have other random obscure musical suggestions to share), first take a hit from yr bubbler, then hit me up: kip [at]



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