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trve vs. emoIs your website trve… or is it emo? MS Maniac “Al” posted a link to his website — the appropriately titled Trve Vs. Emo — that tells you just how br00tal your website is or isn’t. The application would’ve been a lot more fun if the page didn’t explain how it works, but apparently it parses “lyrics by norweigan [sic] black metal bands, such as Mayhem, Burzum and Darkthrone” to arrive at the Trve ranking and “emo bands like My Chemical Romance and Fall out boy” to arrive at the Emo ranking. We decided to take it for a spin and test the Trveness of some of our favorite websites. 92% Trve (right on!) 100% Trve 100% Trve 100% Emo (ouch!)
Google: 100% Emo 56% Emo 99% Emo (I beg to differ) 100% Emo 72% Trve

So… I’m not sold. I pronounce TrveVsEmo 83% Emo.


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