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With record stores large and small closing as a result of a crummy economy and ongoing changes in how music is consumed, the idea of Record Store Day seems like a quaint misplaced sentiment. Still, for a noise rock geek like me, this April 18th “event” might be too enticing to resist since there will be an exclusive 7″ vinyl boxset from The Jesus Lizard on sale!

The fellas at Touch and Go write:
INCH is a collection of all the 7” singles The Jesus Lizard released on Touch and Go, lovingly remastered by Bob Weston and enclosed in a foldable clear plastic package, suitable for both compact storage and bedroom wall display. Adding to the allure is the fact that each 7” has been out of print for over six years, so finding any one single (let alone all of them) at a store has been near impossible. Also included here is a 7” of “Puss”, the Jesus Lizard’s side from the long-gone split with Nirvana. Still not enough? INCH also contains the “Gladiator” single, originally given away exclusively at a Jesus Lizard Brixton Academy show in London back in 1992 and nowhere else.

OMG OMG OMG!!!! Yeah, I covet this like a motherfucker.


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