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iris divineI found out about Alexandra, VA’s Iris Divine because they sent us a message on MySpace. As the source of many a shitstain band, normally I don’t bother checking out bands who send us messages on MySpace because, frankly, who has the time… but I guess that day “divine” inspiration struck and I was turned on to a very good band. Iris Divine aren’t nearly as heavy as most of the bands we write about here, but what they lack in brutality they make up for in creativity. In just MySpace lead-track “Unspoken Tragedy” there’s elements of Dream Theater, Pantera, Avenged Sevenfold, Porcupine Tree, and Queensryche, seemingly disparate influences, but somehow it all works. It’s un-pretentious prog-metal with a very creative edge, really unique chord progressions and arrangements, first-class musicianship and a knack for songwriting to bring it all together.

So that’s my sales pitch for Iris Divine. They’re just really good. Check ’em out.


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