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Quick tip for anyone looking for a good death metal fix: Revolver are hosting a new Dååth track, “Silenced,” from the band’s excellent forthcoming album, The Concealers. There’s also an interview with the band about the track. Here’s an excerpt:

Which part of it did you come up with first? And what was the inspiration?
The song was hatched one day when drummer Kevin Talley and I decided we wanted a song that was stomping with some very deep grooves, but played with a black metal-style tonality. We were feeling the rage and needed to get it out of our systems with quite the statement. We wrote the first two minutes of the song in one afternoon. It took a good amount of tweaking because we wanted to get the minor chord slides in that verse just right, in addition to all the moments of tension and release that are sprinkled throughout.

It’s an awesome song (and is actually sandwiched on the album in between what I think are my two new favorite Dååth tunes, “The Unbinding Truth” and “Wilting on the Vine”), and frankly it’s kind of amazing that Dååth have progressed so much since their last album, The Hinderers. So you should definitely make a point to check it out – and read the rest of the interview – here.

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