What the...??


  • Axl Rosenberg


Thanks to The Deciblog for pointing us towards the website of Pierre Blanc, a gentlemen who makes heavy metal vases like the one you see above.


So here’s the thing: I don’t know the fuck would buy this as anything other than a joke – except that they cost 500 euros each, which, by current coversion rates, is roughly $678 (and that’s before you factor in tax, shipping, etc.), which would make it one of the costliest jokes in history, especially when you factor in the price-to-laughs ratio, which wouldn’t be all that great.  Although, to be fair, Kiss vases are only 300 euros, and Misfits vases are only 200 euros. Which, again, to be fair, is still WAY TOO MUCH FUCKING MONEY TO PAY FOR THIS PIECE OF SHIT VASE.

So, to review: if you’re rich and have terrible taste, you can blow $700 on a Metallica vase. You’re also probably the douche who had front row seats to the last Metallica tour and was actually excited when they played “Broken, Beat and Scarred.”

So maybe Blanc knows who his target audience is after all.


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