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As you know if you read the site yesterday, I’m sick. I have a sinus infection, not, as many of you guessed, swine flu (By the way, good to know you cats are still getting a kick out of swine flu jokes a month after the fact. Anyone have any good OJ Simpson jokes while you’re at it? STILL TOPICAL!). So I’ve traded in my weed for antibiotics.

Which means I can’t enjoy the second Daathumentary (courtesy our pals at Metal Injection) the way the band would want me to (e.g., higher than King Diamond’s singing voice). But that shouldn’t stop you kids at home from getting right before settling in to watch it.

You can check out the first Daathumentary here. And don’t forget that Daath’s Eyal Levi is blogging for us now. Atlanta purp in the hizzee!!!


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