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A few weeks back Vince and I got to interview Howard Jones and Mike D’Antonio about the new Killswitch Engage album. We’ll be running that interview soon enough, but for now there’s some news we just have to share.

You may recall that, back in January, BHBS guitarist Corey Unger confirmed that he was, at long last, writing a new album, but hinted that Jones and drummer Justin Foley (who is – duh – also in KsE now) might be involved in only limited capacity, if at all. Unger stated that “There is a vast mix of people who will be involved in this project including the original members. The line-up of musicians is very artistically driven based on the album’s style.”

Well, I wasn’t gonna get in a room with Howard Jones and not ask him about his involvement (or lack thereof) in a new BHBS record. Here’s what Jones had to say:

There was some news a little while ago that there might be another Blood Has Been Shed album.  Are you involved in that still in any capacity?

Howard Jones:    Well… yeah [laughs].

They made it sound like you might not be coming back…

HJ:   We’re just trying to figure out what exactly it is that we’re going to do.  Blood Has Been Shed is just one of those things where none of us do it full time, barely part time.  We’ll get something out.

Mike D’Antonio:    It’s crazy, too.  I’ve heard some tracks [laughs]. It’s pretty nuts, and Blood Has Been Shed was already nuts.

HJ:    I don’t know how it went to another level, but whew boy.  I can actually say I’ve never heard anything like this.

MD:    It might have to do with Corey getting struck by lightning twice.

HJ:    Probably.  Dude was insane as it is, but now . . . wow [laughs]. Wow.  Musically, I’ve never heard anything like it. It’s still heavy and very confusing. I would just go, “How am I supposed to sing over this?”

When I asked Jones if he was going to sing on the album, he looked at me like I was nuts – clearly, there’s no doubt in his mind that he is still the singer for BHBS. Not only is that exciting news, but it means Jones is gonna make good on his promise that he wouldn’t abandon Blood Has Been Shed just because he has a higher-paying gig now. Which makes Jones even cooler than he already was.

More news as we get it. And stay tuned for the full interview with Jones and D’Antonio.


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