What the...??


  • Axl Rosenberg


Speaking of tough metal dudes and adorable puppies: Kerry King reveals in the August issue of Decibel that he used to show Akitas:

“I used to have the best Akitas on the West Coast for a while,” [King] enthuses. “I had a female that couldn’t  be beat for a six-week period. She just won everything. But I had the hardest time getting those bred, man. The female, I just couldn’t get her knocked up. I had her go to the best male in the country on two different heat cycles and just couldn’t get her pregnant. They’d breed; it just wouldn’t take. We tried artificial and everything.”

I had no idea you could artificially inseminate a dog. Kind of makes you wonder why there’s no Slayer lyrics about that.

In other news, I officially feel better about owning a bichon.


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