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the absence shred-off guitar contestWhile keeping fans on the line for the follow-up to 2007’s ridiculously underrated Riders of the Plague, The Absence are throwing fans a bone by teaming up with to offer one would-be shredder the opportunity to have a guest solo on the band’s new record. Entrants can download a rhythm guitar track from the contest page, add their shred over top of it, then submit it to the band as a YouTube video via The winner gets “a chance” to have the solo included on the new record (which we’re guessing is just an insurance policy in case all the entries suck), and a slew of runners-up will receive an autographed CD, t-shirt, stickers and “other,” whatever that means.

The 15-year-old version of Vince Neilstein just got a giant boner; what a cool thing for the band to do. I wish the Intrawebs were around when I was a kid! Instead I had to settle for listening to 1984 and No More Tears on repeat whilst posing in front of the mirror and pretending to be EVH / Zakk Wylde. I had a helluva Zakk Wylde impression though; you shoulda seen it.

Check out The Absence on MySpace.


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