christian olde wolbers fear factoryAnthrax may have stolen this week’s metal gossip thunder, but we’re always happy to re-hash old feuds for entertainment’s sake here at MetalSucks. The latest news had Dino Cazares taking a shot at drummer Raymond Herrera’s playing abilities, while Burton Bell has for the most part taken the high road and remained mum. Herrera and Christian Olde Wolbers both fired back this week, and here’s Wolbers’ latest:

KNAC.COM: You and Ray still have the Fear Factory name, right?

WOLBERS: We are both equal shareholders of the Fear Factory name. I’m just trying to see what’s going on with that.

KNAC.COM: The reformation of the original Fear Factory could still happen?

WOLBERS: Yeah, you’re hoping as much as I am (laughs).

KNAC.COM: It’s well-reported that Burton [C Bell] and Dino [Cazares] have mended fences, so to speak.

WOLBERS: It’s good that they’re friends again. I can’t say anything bad about that. They were originally the two that had the issue and that’s why Fear Factory had to continue with the lineup that we know today. That they’re good friends again and that they want to get Fear Factory going again, it’s up to them, but obviously there’s a lot of other intentions going on from their camp, so that’s why we ended up in a huge lawsuit and a legal battle. Until all that gets resolved, then nobody’s going on tour with anything.

Translation: “My new band just sold 980 records in its first week, and I need the Fear Factory reunion now more than ever. Lawyers, get that shit done already.”


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