Worst Week Ever



After Eyal’s blog getting everyone to introduce themselves, I e-mailed him to thank him. I told him that the old cliché is true – genius is the simple idea that no one has ever thought of. And he’d brought the community together. I literally used the words “This could be the dawn of a new era on MetalSucks.”

And then I wished Dimebag a happy posthumous birthday and total fucking war broke out.

With all due respect to people who don’t like Dime or Pantera – to say that he wasn’t popular and influential prior to his death is just plain wrong. It’s like saying that grass is pink and clouds are purple and Obama’s health care reform involves death panels for senior citizens. It just has no basis in reality whatsoever.

Here are some other head-scratchers that emerged this week:

  • Justin A.W. wants to know why Gary Suarez writes for us. I want to know why Justin A.W. keeps visiting this site and leaving comments if he hates us so much. I also want to know where anyone with “Trustkill” in their e-mail address gets off questioning our credibility.
  • NoCowNoFood says “Dude if yall dont have Dtv or Dish Network/ u guys are fucking broke.” There’s a huge leap of logic there, man. But you tried to link to Solid State Records and failed, so I do think we can safely assume that you’re an idiot.
  • Dave B accused us running a scam on you guys to get demographic info. Actually, Dave, we just wanted your information. So that we can we better understand how to avoid you.
  • Zilty says that his “one prerequisite is that the music has to be good.” But I’ve listened to every band Zilty has recommended, and they all sound more or less like a thousand other bands in their respective genres, except less famous. So I think it’s more accurate to say that Zilty’s one prerequisite is that they have to be semi-obscure (and I stress “semi”). In any case, I guess we’ll “learn” more when he’s running the site next Friday.
  • Shinaain thinks that Rick Springfield is the shit. Actually, I think she’s right and I have nothing bad to say about her. And now I know that she’s a she, because we scammed you all into giving us your demographic info. Next up: putting you all on an annoying mailing list and selling your e-mails to porn sites.

I’m gonna go listen to some Pantera now. Because they weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, but they did make awesome music that influenced an entire generation of metal bands.


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