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muse - the resistance[Welcome to the new category “Not Quite Metal?” for those bands who aren’t necessarily metal but often cross over to a metal fanbase, whatever the reason may be. Note the question mark — because really, what the fuck even is metal anyway??]

Lots of you have reacted negatively to our posts about British art-rockers Muse in the past; but fuck you, it’s our website. Muse’s new album The Resistance comes out next week (Tuesday in the U.S., Monday everywhere else), and it’s currently streaming in full (mostly) on the band’s official website (you have to sign up to hear full tracks).

Axl and I were just chatting the other day about how Matt Bellamy is a bonafide shredder and guitar hero, but it only really comes across in the band’s astonishing/or-fucking-gasmic live show. From what I’ve heard so far of The Resistance, this continues to be true; the band seems more eager to continue down the path of exploring more electronic / atmospheric elements than they do to return to the heavier, groove-based offerings of Absolution and Origin of Symmetry. But there are plenty of rockers here; the solo on “Guiding Light” scorches, and the groove of “Unnatural Selection” has the Muse rawk we’ve come to know and love.

I’ve only listened to the record once so far, but I’m kind of lukewarm on what I’ve heard. I’m really anxious to hear all of the 3-part symphony that closes the record, as only :30 clips are available even to those who’ve signed up for the website.

Beware a fake leak that’s floating around the Interwebs; a lot of the songs on that are not, in fact, Muse. Not that I’d know first-hand or anything…


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