Axl already shared his thoughts with you about Monday’s stunning Gojira show. Some of you who were there were so excited about it that you couldn’t even wait to share your thoughts until the official review went up, instead opting to opine in the comments section of our post about Doc Coyle playing guitar with Lamb of God. The show was that fucking good (no disrespect meant to Burst, who were great too). It was easily the best we’ve seen all year, and I’m at a loss for how to put it to words. So instead, how about some video? Obviously the sound from a small camera is never going to capture how it really sounded live, and even excepting that these videos never seem to *quite* capture the energy of what it as like to be there… but they do give a close approximation.

Here’s “Backbone,” filmed from the balcony. Listen to the crowd… every was so amped up that it sounds like there were 3,000 people in there when the actual number was probably closer to 300. Just look at the audience frenzy… and the feedback of energy right back from the band. Positively electric.

Several more live clips from the show after the jump…

Here they are playing “Flying Whales.” Fast forward to the 4-minute mark to see the band doing what I can only presume is an impersonation of what flying whales would like if they played death metal. They do this at every show, and it never ceases to amaze each time. Thanks to Elijah Torn for sending this one in:

“Where Dragons Dwell.” Stick with it… the visual clears up after about a minute. Whoever filmed this must be a drummer because the focus is on Mario Duplantier the entire time:

“The Heaviest Matter of the Universe”:

And finally, a pro-shot video shot in France this past February of the above:

So, ummm, when are Gojira coming back to New York? I heard that Joe’s “friend” is looking for an apartment in Williamsburg. Let’s get on that, mmkay?


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