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More than any other band, Cradle of Filth seem to attract the attention of YouTube vocal covers done by bedroom-dwelling, suburban goth teens (see also: this cover of “Nymphetamine” starring hot twins). Since we’re obsessed with YouTube vocal covers and Cradle of Filth are inherently kinda funny, this provides us and the MS Mansion Monkeys with great amusement.

This cover of “Her Ghost in the Fog” is pretty brilliant if you ask us. The best part: “I know I look like shit right now but in an HOUR OR TWO I’ll look perfect and I will use the power of dark side that has been given to me to scream my ass off for you guys so rock on.” Notes MS Maniac BondedByBlood, who sent this clip in: “I saw him at a show last night and he wore the same hilarious makeup.” Sometimes I wished we lived in the suburbs so we’d see hilarious shit like this. NYC kids are too cool or something. This kid’s high-pitched screams are absolutely ace.



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