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maryland deathfest 20102009 was a banner year for metal festivals in the U.S., but one extreme music festival has outlived and out-brutaled all the rest: Maryland Deathfest. Now going into its 8th year, Maryland Deathfest is the flagship metal festival in the U.S. bar none, the closest we have to anything resembling the myriad European Summer festivals. The next iteration is still 7 months away, but already the lineup is well on its way to continuing the excellent tradition of past Deathfests.

Confirmed bands for 2010 that I’d be interested in seeing: Sodom, Obituary, Possessed, Pentagram, Gorguts, Entombed, Eyehategod, Converge, Melechesh, Gorod, 16 and Howl. And that’s only a portion of the whole list of bands who have been confirmed.

Rumors have been a swirlin’ about a reprise of last year’s highly successful Scion Rock Fest in Atlanta, but as of yet nothing has been announced. Either way, MDF 2010 is gonna be hard to beat.


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