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Upon returning back to the Mansion from a bike ride on an unseasonably warm day here in Brooklyn, I was greeted with the following bit of very sad news: drummer Jerry Fuchs is dead at 34. Fuchs was the drummer for Maserati (as well as Turing Machine, !!! and others), a band I’ve written about several times over the past few months whose shows were positively mesmerizing. Fuchs was the backbone and focal-point of the band, his rock-solid skin-pounding the unquestionable propulsive force behind this rock/psych/groove outfit. Though Maserati aren’t metal, their hard-driving grooves and intricate musicality appealed to a lot of metalheads (including this one). I fully credit Kip W. and burger maestro The Rev with having turned me on to this excellent band at SXSW this past Spring; both raved of Fuchs’ skills behind the kit as a highlight of the band’s performance. I had the pleasure of seeing them again this past September here in Brooklyn; the show was stellar, and the band not only impressed MetalGF but blew headlining act Mono off the stage.

Now about his death… it’s even more bizarre than the band’s music. Apparently Fuchs died early Sunday morning when he fell down an elevator shaft. Talk about scary ways to end it all… wow. Reports Spinner:

Fuchs and a friend were in an elevator in a converted factory used as loft space when the elevator stopped “somewhere above the fifth floor,” the Buildings Department spokesman told the New York Post. The pair opened the elevator door and attempted to jump a few feet down to the fifth floor. The friend made the jump, but a piece of Fuchs’ clothing was caught on the elevator, “sending him swinging back into the crevice separating the elevator from the fifth floor,” the Post writes. Fuchs fell five stories to the bottom of the elevator shaft, where he lay “unconscious and unresponsive,” reports Gothamist. The musician was taken to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition and died early this morning surrounded by “an entire waiting room of friends,” according to Chunklet, to which Fuchs was a contributor.

Crikee! One can only hope Fuchs fired off one last passion-filled drum fill in his head before meeting his ultimate demise. Watch the above video for just a small sample of what the man could do behind the kit. And listen to some Maserati tunes on MySpace today, wouldja?

R.I.P. Jerry (Gerhardt) Fuchs.


MASERATI: “Untitled” – Live at Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta GA, March 16, 2009 from Cassavetes Band on Vimeo.

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