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Though we don’t necessary want to make out with Ville Valo on an oversized coach at the W in Los Angeles, Axl and I do both share an affinity for the lovelorn pop-metal of Finland’s H.I.M. You might claim that H.I.M. are gay and not metal, but then you’d be a) an idiot, b) a homophobe, c) an idiot. +1 to Zena Metal’s assertion that Valo is the world’s only true living rock star. I’ve yet to see H.I.M. live if only for the fear of being tramped by hundreds of overzealous goth teenagers, but I’ve seen enough video and read enough interviews to know that the guy is the real deal.

H.I.M.’s new album Screamworks comes to the States on February 9th (artwork here), and you can hear two samples from what presumably is the first single, “Heartkiller,” below. Sounds like classic H.I.M. to me. My heart is melting!


[Thanks: MS uber-maniac Kye]

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