nacht-assassins120124This is kind of how I imagine things going down in the Noisecreep Compound as of late:

Seth W. (Editor in Chief): Hmmm… traffic’s a little slow this week. What can we do to bring in some more visitors?
Amy Sciarretto: The Grammy nominations were just announced… I could do a piece about that.
Chris Harris: We could make fun of Marilyn Manson. That’s always funny!
Justina Villanueva: I could write up a couple pieces about awesome local bands like Gwynbleidd and The Binary Code.
Allyson B. Crawford: Rocklahoma!
Seth W.: Hmmm… I don’t know guys… those are all great ideas but I think we need something with a little more DRAW, especially since Nickelback and Creed aren’t doing anything at the moment.*
Carlos Ramirez: Oooo ooo oo, ME ME ME!! Pick me!! I’ll do another list!! That’ll really get ’em!!
Seth W. <in Captain Jean-Luc Picard voice>: Make it so.

And thus another list was born. Today’s list du jour collects the Top 10 Metal Albums of the 2000s… and before you guys get all up in a tizzy, the results are based on an industry poll, not Carlos’ opinions. It’s actually a pretty solid list with some quality albums, and though it’s nearly impossible to compile any sort of list like this that actually means anything, it should serve as a good discussion piece.** So check it out and let us know what you think.


*I kid, I kid. I love you, Seth!
**Having said that,*** I will never really agree with the inclusion of Converge on any “metal” list… I still do not really get this band, although I did enjoy Axe to Fall. And they’re a hardcore band at heart.
***Do you respect wood?

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