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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… Poetic Assassin’s “Inverti in Darkness.” I highly highly recommend you click the “read more” button below BEFORE you watch the video, so you can follow along with the lyrics as you watch. It’s way more fun that way!

After a few requests I give you the lyrics as best as I remember…

Too much blood-in my bathroom-too much blood-in my room-too much blood-too much blood-

I kiss the bloody chainsaw-I kiss the bloody axe-too much blood-too much blood…
(thanks bobbyconover for the good ear)

Sombody whisper in my ear

I washy my hands-over and a over-over and a over- I washy my hands-over and a over over and a ober-

I yi yi yi yi yi yi I’m-a-innocent- I yi yi yi yi yi yi I’m innocent

I was a very ordinary guy-I just a ordinary human being-

I killed him-I I-a-I-Kilt him-I washy my hands-over and a over-Oba and a oba-

I yi yi yi yi yi yi I’m innocnet-I yi yi yi yi yi yi yi I’m innocent-

Too much blood! Too much Blood! Too much blood! Too much blood!

Prison aint shit-I never saw anything-prison aint shit-prison aint shit-he was an empty-empty soul-prison aint shit-prison aint shit

She said the moment she was born-always-prison aint shit

Something didnt fit-prison aint shit

Tell your brother nothing-nothing-nothing-nothing-prison aint shit-I washy my hand-ober and a ober-

Too much blood in my batharoom-too much blaaaaaaaaaad!

Please help me-help me from my… hole

Please help me-please take my hand-I wahsy my hand ober and a ober-I’m fucking innocent-I’m fucking innocent!


[Thanks: “Devin Townsend’s Lost Skullet”]

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