What the...??



hanzel und gretylThe concept of another Rammstein strikes me as kinda silly, because, well, we’ve already got Rammstein. As far as industrial metal songs sung in German go, Rammstein fill that niche rather nicely. But here we’ve got Hanzel Und Gretyl — a band from New York City, no less, singing in faux German accents — doing the exact same thing. Only their songs aren’t as catchy, outrageous or hilarious.

It’s a head-scratcher indeed, but apparently the band has toured the world (with many bigger acts, Rammstein among them, natch), and they’ve got a hometown show coming up on December 19th at Crash Mansion. Maybe there’s a joke I’m just not in on… I don’t get it. Would someone care to inform me why this band exists?


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