Writing headlines for Rage Against the Machine is too easy, because those dudes just rage against everything (except a couple of shitty Audioslave albums… oh snap! But I did enjoy the first one). Rage, rage, rage.

The latest raging is happening in the U.K., where the band are jumping on board with a fan-led initiative to land “Killing in the Name” on Top of the U.K. Christmas Singles chart. MS Maniac Charlie F. sent in this clip of Zack and Tom doing an interview with the BBC, followed by a full-band live electric performance of the track. The performance is passionate and fierce, and the song is still as vital as ever all these years later. Make sure you listen to the entire performance (which starts around 4:10); there’s a special surprise at the end that would make Howard Stern proud.

Man, when this album came out I could not get enough of the “Fuck you! I won’t do what you tell me!” part. My ten year old ass was running around screaming that shit EVERYWHERE! It still gives me shivers.

After you listen to the performance below, click through the jump for a special surprise that’s a new take on an old joke but still really fucking funny [thanks: Morizz].


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