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Vince got stranded while on his way back from vacation (thus my egregious amount of posting today), but I’m sure he’d be happy to know that it looks like Depswa are about to finally release a new album. And it only took them six or seven years! Having apparently now forgone the label route altogether, the band will release Distorted American Dream on their own label, Tears & Smiles Recordings, sometime in February. SMN reports that the band has hired Toby Wright and Logan Mader to mix the thing, which means they ain’t dicking around. You hire dudes like that ’cause, at the very least, you’d like to be taken seriously.

I was never as big a Depswa fan as Vince is, but I do think their song “This Time” is a ridiculously catchy piece of pop metal. Seriously, I can’t even listen to it as I embed this video, for fear it will get stuck in my head and ruin the rest of my day.


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