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So The Village Voice – which, depending on who you ask, is either a bastion of intelligent artistic commentary or the most pretentious toilet paper in print – recently compiled a list of the fifty worst songs of the decade, and, sure enough, some terrible nu-metal found its way onto the list. Here are three notable entries, via Blabbermouth:

08. LIMP BIZKIT and JOHNNY RZEZNIK – “Wish You Were Here”
10. FIELDY’S DREAMS – “Baby Hugh Hef”
12. DISTURBED – “Land of Confusion”
14. KORN – “Ya’ll Want A Single?”
15. HINDER – “Born To Be Wild”
19. NICKELBACK – “Something In Your Mouth”

Now, I’d never argue that these are terrible songs. But of the seven songs listed above, four are covers. And I just can’t take a cover seriously as the worst pick for each of these groups.

I understand how upsetting it is when someone ruins a song a you love. But then again, none of the artists listed above are great songwriters, and their covers therefore have one distinct advantage over pretty much every other song in their catalogue: they were written by someone else?

So, yes, the Durst/Rzeznik duet of “Wish You Were Here” is an absolute rape of Pink Floyd’s genius – but the original isn’t going anywhere. How can a version of that beautiful song possibly be worse than this Limp Bizkit original, released in 2000?

And Disturbed’s version of “Land of Confusion,” at least, features no monkey noises of any kind.

Hinder is a band that is only enjoyed by retards, and “Born to be Wild” is a pretty retarded song to begin with. Still, I showed this video to my nephew, and he has consequently been held back two grades:

Here’s what Kelly Osbourne gets into when her dad isn’t around to protect her… this sounds like something the killer from Silence of the Lambs would listen to while he tucks it back and starves a chubby chick:

Also, I just can’t take any “worst song” list seriously unless it has this gem on it:

Jesus. That is the worst thing Danielle Harris has ever been in. And Danielle Harris was in four of the very worst Halloween movies. FOUR.

Alright, team… your turn to weigh in… what were the worst songs of the decade?


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