• Axl Rosenberg

Not in song titles, not in album titles, not in lyrics, and most certainly not in band names.

Look. These words have had a great run. I don’t begrudge any band their usage up ’til now. I’m not, for example, arguing that Hate Eternal and Hatebreed and Hatesphere should all change their, or that Chimaira should never be allowed to perform “Pure Hatred” again. That would be ludicrous, especially with the amount of respect I have for at least three of the four bands I just named.

But the continued usage of these words makes us seem inarticulate, dull, and dumb – basically everything non-metal fans accuse of us being.

So let’s do this thing. Let’s make a list of words that we hereby declare a moratorium upon. I’ll get the ball rolling, then you guys tell me what I missed, or if you think that there are any that people should still be allowed to use. It’ll be fun!

(And please note, once we kill a word deader than Marilyn Manson’s label support, we mean the plural of that word, too – e.g., once “flame” is on the list, no fair using “flames.”)

Ready? Here we go… in no particular order:

  1. hate
  2. hatred
  3. kill (any tense)
  4. die
  5. death
  6. dead
  7. dying
  8. blood
  9. bloody
  10. bleed
  11. bled
  12. black
  13. crimson
  14. blaspheme
  15. blasphemer
  16. blasphemous
  17. brutal
  18. bury
  19. buried
  20. burial
  21. grave
  22. anything using “necro” as a prefix
  23. burn
  24. burning
  25. burnt
  26. God
  27. Jesus
  28. Christ
  29. crucify
  30. crucifix
  31. Satan*
  32. Lucifer*
  33. devil*
  34. lord
  35. celestial
  36. cerebral
  37. crypt
  38. cryptic
  39. cult
  40. Pretty much any month of the year
  41. fire
  42. flame
  43. disease
  44. dark
  45. eternity
  46. eternal
  47. endless
  48. fear
  49. moon or any word containing “moon”
  50. And I think that, as a rule, if you’re starting a band, you should have to look at the Encyclopedia Metallum and if there’s more than one band that already has your name, you have to choose a new name.

Oh, fuck. I think I just killed the collective vocabulary of heavy metal as a genre. Oops.

Anyone wanna add or subtract any words?


*”Beelzebub” is still cool, though. For some reason, no one ever seems to use “Beelzebub.”

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