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  • Axl Rosenberg

amesoeurs-amesoeurs-2009One of the best things about seeing all the MS contributors’ year-end lists is getting tips about which 2009 albums I wasn’t listening to that I should have been. In Satan Rosenbloom’s case, those albums included Dreaming Dead’s Within One, an excellent release I basically allowed to sit on my desk for most of the year ’cause I’m dumb like that, and, especially, Amesoeurs’ self-titled album, which is barely metal but I listened to constantly over the break.

I’m saying that Mr. Rosenbloom has good taste, and now he’d like to share some of it with you: over at his own blog, Cerebral Metalhead, he’s compiled a 2009 year-end mix – aptly titled Cerebral Metalhead’s Adios to 2009 Metal Mix – which I highly recommend you download. There’s a lot of awesome shit on it, at least some of which I’d wager you either didn’t listen to or didn’t even know about last year. And, y’know, I’ll give my usual spiel and remind you that it’s free and the worst case scenario is you delete it from your computer/iPod/whatever.

Get the mix here. Totally worth it.


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