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  • Gary Suarez


Kingdom of Sorrow, the sludgecore supergrouping of Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta with Crowbar’s Kirk Windstein, has just announced via press release that they have re-upped with Relapse Records, with a new album to be released some time this Spring. And while admittedly I’m having a little bit of harmless fun with the band’s unintended double entrendre (referenced above), in actuality I’m seriously fucking excited about this. We don’t have a name for the record yet, or any other details, but I loved their debut enough to call it my favorite album of 2008. One thing’s for sure: the guys have some nice things to say about Relapse!

Windstein commented on the resigning and new album; “Jamey and I are really excited to be working with Relapse on another Kingdom Of Sorrow album. They were a big part of the success of our first album and have been a great company to work with. Our new material kicks ass, we can’t wait to unleash it! It’s a real beast!”

Jasta continues; “It was a no brainer to re-sign with Relapse for another Kingdom Of Sorrow album. They are a great company who really gets it and we’re extremely excited to have them 110% behind us.”

Awww, that’s so sweet! Admittedly, while I enjoyed the last Hatebreed album, I wasn’t particularly impressed by it. Yes, even though I have made the hackneyed blanket observation that all Hatebreed songs sound the same, I found Jasta’s work in Kingdom Of Sorrow to be a refreshing new direction and among the best of his career. I can only hope that his continued collaboration with Windstein has yielded work of at least the same impeccable caliber as the debut.

Oh, and Jasta’s own Stillborn Records imprint is planning to reissue some old Crowbar albums. Awesome, right?


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