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  • Axl Rosenberg

DAVE MUSTAINE AND KERRY KING HANG OUT AT T.G.I.FRIDAY’S. WAIT, WHAT?!?Dave Mustaine posts so many “updates” about what Megadeth is up to, upcoming announcements of major upcoming announcements, and the color of his stool that I feel like I know more about what’s going on in his life than I do about what’s going on in Vince’s life. But his latest, which I just read on Blabbermouth, is interesting for two reasons:

  1. It seems that he and Kerry King are trying to be pals again.
  2. These two metal legends chose to meet at the single blandest restaurant chain in America, if not the world.

Here’s the skinny from Mustaine:

“Last night after the Chargers loss, I drove home dejected and dropped off the guys that rode with us, picked up my car, and headed back to Temecula.

“It was about an hour later that I left my apartment and drove to TGIF in Temecula and met up with Kerry King, and hung out for about 45 minutes, had some drinks, he ate (I got sick from the Margaritas at the game), and we just talked about the past, about the future, and a lot about stuff that is just private talk between two old friends that are trying to get to know each other again.

“I really, really had a good time seeing KK last night, although not as much as the bartenders that were serving two of the Four Horsemen. I thought that the guy was going to start crying when we started talking and the guy realized who we were. I had a beanie and my hair tied up, and KK was in a hoodie with a beanie on top. So it wasn’t like we were trying to be noticed.

“We were pretty well disguised and we left, shook hands, did a bro hug, and I walked off to my car and he to his.”

Seriously? T.G.I.Friday’s? Why the fucking fuck would you meet there? Vince made me eat at an Applebee’s last year and I still haven’t forgiven him. If he and I had a falling out and several decades later decided to try and patch things up, and Vince told me to meet him at T.G.I.Friday’s, I’d tell him “Well, see ya in another twenty years!” Whose fucking idea was this place?

Unless they wanted to meet somewhere out of the way so they wouldn’t call attention to themselves. In which case:

  1. Mustaine shouldn’t be telling everyone that they met.
  2. They should be aware that beanies and hoodies have never seriously disguised a celebrity, ever. Trust me, I live in New York, I see shit heads trying to pull that shit every day. I see you, SJP, and one day, I am going to make you pay.
  3. They should be aware that someone at T.G.I.Friday’s was going to recognize them, because it’s a cheap piece of shit restaurant for suburban trash, a.k.a. thrash metal’s fan base.

But since we know that Mustaine and King, though a lot of things, are not morons, we can assume that they took all of these factors into consideration when selecting the venue for this historic occasion. Therefore, we can only come to one logical conclusion as to why King and Mustaine chose to hold their pow-wow over some plates of Slider Samplers and Pick Three For Alls:


Think about that. The dudes who wrote “Tornado of Souls” and “Mandatory Suicide” actually enjoy going to a restaurant whose website duplicates the audio of gentle background chatter from other diners.

Ah, well, what can you do? There’s no accounting for taste. And if this somehow leads to on-stage jamming whenever the American Carnage tour finally goes down, well, Fajita Poppers are on me, fellas. As long as I don’t actually have to eat any with you. Or watch you eat them. ‘Cause that would be gross.


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