Everyone's Replaceable


  • Axl Rosenberg

We’ve been hearing rumors that things weren’t working out between Periphery and their vocalist, Chris Baretto; well, now those rumors are confirmed, as Baretto has been replaced by Spencer Sotelo:

So, yeah, I think this is the band’s fourth vocalist? I have no idea why they have such a hard time keeping front men nailed down, but whatever. This band is insanely talented and while I’ll miss them having Sideshow Bob in the band, if they say Sotelo is the dude, then Sotelo is the dude.

Meanwhile, the band has posted a sampler for their upcoming Sumerian debut on their MySpace page. While we’re all eagerly awaiting that record’s release, the band is about to hit the road with Veil of Maya, Animals as Leaders, and Circle of Contempt. That’s a tour worth checking out – and make sure you manage to catch Periphery, because they will win you over live.


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