I think that people think that Sergeant D. is just dicking around when he talks about his love for bands that most of the metal community (or at least a substantial portion of the metal community – we might not have the majority on this shit these days) loathes. He names his website Stuff You Will Hate for a reason. He knows you’ll hate the stuff. He’s not being ironic. It’s one of the things that makes his writing so much fun to read.

Case in point: he endorses this band Worthwhile, who I would label softcore – because calling them hardcore would make them seem tougher than they are. Dudes in near matching uniforms jumping in unison? The run-in-place? “It’s our time to rise/ It’s our time to shine?” That’s why you don’t let thirteen year olds write lyrics.

If the gang from Saved by the Bell ever turned Zach Attack into a “hardcore” band, I think they might sound like Worthwhile.

Also… Worth-fucking-while? Really, guys?


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