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Yesterday I wrote a pretty harsh criticism of God Save RockandRoll, a new blog written by the wife of Atreyu’s Brandon Saller, Ashley Jean.

Well, I guess word got back to Ashley Jean in record time: as of this morning, she has removed her improper French translation of the phrase “God Save Rock and Roll” (why oh why didn’t I take a screen cap?!?!), and has responded to some of the things I said in my blog – without directly naming MetalSucks, natch. Here’s an excerpt:

This site is NOT an advertisement for my husband. This is is NOT a place that I will criticize your beliefs or opinions in music (EX: I will not reviewing records) I may suggest something that has touched me and share music that I love but it is only an opinion so take it as you will.

And it is NOT a place where I will place blame on any fan of art. I just want to point out what has been wrong in the past and come up with solutions to resolve the decline. I want this blog to be the match that starts a beautiful flame that will spread all over and reach many. We can band together and eventually we will see change.

Thank you all again from the bottom of this rock and roll heart. Keep coming back and lets
Save rock and roll!!!

I’d love to believe Ashley Jean. I want to eat a bag of crow on this one. I guess we’ll find out – I’ve added her blog to my RSS feed so I can keep you, oh dear readers, abreast of her little project.

I will take this one last little jab at my new pal, A.J.: at the start of her post, she writes “I have to say the outpouring of support to this blog has been overwhelming.” I don’t know what her traffic is actually like, but as of this writing, she’s averaging about five comments per post. Which doesn’t exactly strike me as an “overwhelming outpouring of support.” But what do I know, I’m an asshole.


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