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comparethemoshpit.comA website whose sole purpose is to compare the brutality of moshpits, one on one, seems like a pretty good idea. And it is!

The only problem with the appropriately named is that the comparing never actually amounts to anything; you choose one photo over the other, the page refreshes with two new moshpit photos, repeat. You can view how many “wins” each photo has by looking at the “Mosh Pits of the Day” section, but it’d be way cooler if there were a ranking system similar to the one on the old And then there’s the fact that at its core this website is just a front for, designed to get you to “get off your arse and find a real moshpit” and search for shows in your area.

But beggars can’t be choosers… looking at pictures of brutal moshpits all day is still pretty fucking fun. Head on over to and get you some.


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