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The shelved Deftones record Eros is going to make a collector’s item some day. For one it seems like it’ll never see the light of day which in and of itself would make it a hot commodity, but more importantly it very likely could end up being the last album bassist Chi Cheng played on before slipping into a coma following his car accident. And with each passing day it seems less likely Cheng will wake up. I’m not trying to be morose and I certainly wish him and his family well… I’m just saying. You know the files for Eros are on some A&R guy’s hard drive somewhere; hopefully one day they’ll see the light of day.

Diamond Eyes, the new record the Deftones have recorded in place of Eros, now has a release date (May 18th) and a new song to give fans a taste of what’s in store. “Rocket Skates” (of which we postage live footage from November’s Smokeout Festival) is available for free download today only at, although at the moment the site is spitting back error messages that “the code you entered is in use.” Thanks, fuckwads at Warner Bros.; you provided the code yourselves. Thankfully the song is posted on the Deftones’ YouTube page too which is actually a better deal ’cause you also get the lyrics. The song sounds like it’s got a White Pony type of vibe, which I like. And despite Chino Moreno’s claim that the lyrics on this album are less personal, it really seems like this song is about Chi Cheng. Have a listen for yourself.


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