We know we’ve said this before, but two things:

  1. If you e-mail us about some band you want us to listen to, INCLUDE A LINK TO SOMEPLACE WE CAN HEAR THE BAND. Yes, we know we could just Google that shit, but we don’t think you understand how many fucking e-mails we get from you guys about bands you want us to cover. We’re happy to give them all a listen, but if there’s no link, we’re not even gonna bother, ’cause we have a hundred other reader suggestions to get through.
  2. If you e-mail us about some story or band you want us to cover, go over to that little “search” tab on your right and MAKE SURE WE HAVEN’T ALREADY WRITTEN ABOUT IT. In the past twenty-four hours we’ve gotten literally dozens of e-mails asking why we haven’t written about curling and Juggalo news, when we already have (and that’s just shit we covered this week). We don’t expect you to necessarily read the site every day (although we love it when you do), but holy crap, people, that’s only all the more reason to do a quick search.

Yes, we know we’re ungrateful assholes. The things you love about us are also the things you hate about us. Oh well.

-Axl & Vince

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