As long as [most] metalheads continue to be a bunch of close-minded goofs there will be a large majority of people who object to us posting about non-metal bands like Muse, despite their obvious metal influence and undertones. Dudes… you’re missing out. The other day Eyal Tweeted or posted on Facebook that the Muse show he just witnessed in person was one of the most mind-blowing shows he’d been to in eons (or something to that effect). Muse are the real deal in every single facet and they’re as close as we’ve got to true rock stars in the age of Internet-created micro-micro-sub-sub-genres. If for some reason you’re still averse to Muse, get yo’ head out yo’ ass, fools.

Muse just released a new video for the title track of their latest album The Resistance [posted on] and it’s the rare exception to the rule that live-footage music videos are ho-hum. As our friend Eyal just witnessed, Muse’s live show is positively mesmerizing. World class. The only band whose live performances I can compare it to is Nine Inch Nails, whose concerts are basically theatrical performances where an awesome band just happens to be playing. Check out the video below, and if you happen to be lucky enough to live in one of the markets in which their North American tour is playing this month and next I implore you to go.


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