• Axl Rosenberg

I like plenty of bands who sound like Caliban (or, a little more accurately, who Caliban sound like), but they’re one of those bands I just can’t ever seem to get into. Like Diecast, or that Canadian band Vince likes whose name I can’t even remember right now. I think it starts with an “s?” Ah, whatever. My point is, this band just doesn’t have that certain something, as the cliché goes.

So they have a new video, for a song that’s either called “No One is Safe” or “Noone is Safe,” depending on whether you believe that there’s a huge typo at the start of the clip, or that the band isn’t saying “no person is safe” but, rather, that some dude named “Noone” isn’t in danger.

In any case, if anyone really likes this band, please explain to me what I’m missing, ’cause I’m legitimately curious.


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