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Hey, remember last year when original Iron Maiden singer Paul Di’Anno called that band “boring” and compared Steve Harris to Hitler? Well in case ya don’t, here’s video of the incident:

So given his feelings on Maiden, you’d assume the singer has no real interest in playing any Maiden material or in any way acknowledging that part of his career, right?

So why the fuck is he doing a “special set” of songs from the first two Maiden albums, Iron Maiden and Killers, at the Hard Rock Hell IV festival in the UK this December?

Oh, yeah. ‘Cause without Iron Maiden, no one would give two shits about this guy. I mean, I’ve never seen Di’Anno live, but if I were him, I’d EXCLUSIVELY play songs from those two albums. And if I ever paid to see him and he didn’t do a whole shit ton of material from those records, I’d probably rush the stage and cock slap him.

What a massive, massive tool.

Interestingly enough, Blaze Bayley, another former Maiden vocalist not worth caring about, will be playing the same festival. Unfortunately, that poor dude didn’t even have Di’Anno’s good fortune to have appeared on any Maiden albums anyone actually listens to.


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