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EXODUS START EXHIBITING EXHIBIT BCall me crazy, but new Exodus music always interests me ten-thousand-fold more than new Slayer music. It’s like, with new Exodus there is at least the chance that you’ll hear something a little different instead of the same old (not that there’s anything wrong with the same old… but still). Maybe it’s because of all the line-up changes through the years. I mean ok fine on this last Slayer record we actually got a slow Kerry King solo which was at least something of a departure.

So Exodus have a new record on the way, Exhibit B: The Human Condition, the artwork for which Axl posted the other day. They’ve just posted a demo of track from that record called “Hammer and Life” on their MySpace page. I know it’s just a demo, but I really dig the dry (yet clear) mixing job. Musically speaking it seems a little thrashier in the vintage sense than anything on Exhibit A, but it’s definitely too soon to make any sort of sweeping judgment. Either way, I likee very much. More please.

Exhibit B: The Human Condition comes out on May 18th.


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