Black Metal Bowel Movement



If yous nevers seens 1349 in concerts, yous has nots livededs. I knows religions is bads and stuffs, but its likes a religious experience. Likes when yous really needs to gos numbers twos, and yous dos not thinks you ares goings to make its, and then you dos? HAIL SATAN! It’s as Antichrist Christmases miracles! That ees whats 1349 ees likes in concerts.

Band hases a news albums coming out, Demonoir, on April 27. News song, “Atomic Chapel,” ees streamings on your spaces rights now. Hopefullys theys comes backs tos thees shitholes yous calls “America” soon, ‘cuz Axl n’ Vinces wills nots let mes leaves theese infernals place. Ebil bastards.


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