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Remember Demiricous? They were (are?) this band from Indianapolis who sounded just like Slayer (and not the way every band sounds just like Slayer – I mean holy shit, did these dudes sound like Slayer)  if Slayer had a death metal vocalist instead of Tom Araya. They made two really good albums for Metal Blade, split with that label, announced that they were going to soldier on, and then promptly dropped off the face of the planet. Someone seems to have logged into their MySpace page as recently as this past Saturday, but there hasn’t been an update to the blog there since 2007, so I have no idea if this band is still active or not.

That’s a very long-winded way of telling you that I liked Demiricous, and when I saw Black Bubblegum from Brooklyn Vegan at the Flourishing show last Thursday night he told me that at least one former member of that outfit was now playing in a band called Coffinworm. “They’re serious,” BBG told me. And when BBG tells you a band is “serious,” you best pay attention.

So. I haven’t yet heard When All Became None, the new Coffinworm album that’s just been released on Profound Lore. But Kevin Stewart-Panko gives it a good review in the May issue of Decibel, BBG gives the band the thumbs-up, they’ve got a connection to Demiricous, and, oh yeah, “Start Saving for Your Funeral,” the song streaming on their MySpace page, is really good. (But it’s worth noting that it sounds nothing like Demiricous, in case that turns you on or off.) Which is a long-winded way of saying, I plan to listen to None sooner rather than later.

Here’s video Brooklyn Vegan got of the band playing SXSW earlier this month:

Coffinworm @ Hoeks Death Metal Pizza 3/18/10
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