Exclusive Album Stream: Demiricous Are Somehow More Vicious Than Ever on III: Chaotic Lethal


During the metalcore boom of the early 2000s, the underground spawned a class of bands who made thrash metal that brimmed with contempt and bile in a killer way. And while many of them were excellent — Seattle’s Himsa and Boston’s Cannae come to mind — few if any lived up to the impact, speed, and spit-flecked rancor of Indiana’s Demiricous. With their first two albums, 2006’s Dimebag-dedicated One (Hellbound) and 2007’s Two (Poverty), the four-piece brought a bristling sense of pure chaos to the mix that fans of traditional thrash were put off by, but which extremists seeking to revel in pure sweat and primality were fucking stoked about. Now, the band have returned in fine form with III: Chaotic Lethal, their third full-length record, which can be streamed below.

Exclusive Album Stream: Demiricous Are Somehow More Vicious Than Ever on III: Chaotic Lethal

At the outset, the biggest difference between Chaotic Lethal and its predecessors — besides 15 fuckin’ years — is the depths of the production and songwriting. This record just sounds lusher and fuller than the ones that came before it. And while those records banked on their kneading-gravel sound, this one feels like it’s fully embracing what the band can be. The word ‘maturity’ comes to mind, but that doesn’t do it justice — maybe ‘grizzled’ is more appropriate. These guys are still pissed the fuck off, but now they’re just old enough to show us why in more vivid musical detail.

According to the band:

Chaotic Lethal is our nail through the heart and brain of the underground. This is us delivering our brand of grime and savagery back into an otherwise over produced and overly polished modern metal scene.

“A tale of Greed, self righteousness and the unwillingness to learn…Kicking in every direction with possessed riffs, psychotic reactions, criminal reality, suicidal drumming, and the ever rotting human condition. This is Chaotic Lethal.”

Check out our exclusive advance stream of Demiricous’ III: Chaotic Lethal below. The album comes out tomorrow, May 13th, via Post Recordings, and is available for preorder.

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