Yesterday I asked you all if there were any metal covers of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out theme music. And… of course there are! Check out this MTPO theme music cover suggested by Jirky. What I like about it: it combines multiple theme songs from the game and isn’t overly mechanical / ProToolsed. What I don’t like about it: the vocals. Totally unnecessary!

I know Axl demanded a moratorium on fighting in music videos, and I totally support that. But I think we can make an exception for the above montage of Mike Tyson knockouts set to a metal tune. Tyson was the absolute baddest, scariest, most feared motherfucker on the entire planet for a moment in time in the ’80s. Watching him talk in old ringside interviews still makes me tremble, and watching some of these KO’s still makes me want to snuggle up in bed with my teddy bear. Whoever put this montage together could’ve chosen something better than August Burns Red as the soundtrack — I’m thinking a Suffocation track would’ve done the trick — but it’s still worth watching for Iron Fucking Mike.


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