Kids love dinosaurs. As a kid I was mildly interested in Dinosaurs, but I definitely didn’t have the compulsive obsession with them that many children do. Is it that they’re really fucking big, dangerous, and bad-ass looking? Is it the mystique created by the fact that they’re no longer around? The truth is that even to this jaded old man Dinosaurs are pretty fucking cool.

You know what’s also pretty cool? Metal. So some legit metal dudes who have played with the likes of Dio, Yngwie, Sonata Arctica and Stratovarius thought it’d be a great idea to combine the two and market the result to children as Hevisaurus, the Dinosaur heavy metal band (no we ain’t talkin’ about Ozzy, hardee har). Apparently Hevisaurus are a big hit in their native Finland. There’s some Internet speculation as to whether or not the dudes in the Dinosaur suits are actually the dudes who recorded the music (some folks adamantly insist that they are), but it kinda doesn’t matter — for all we know there were tons of different actors underneath those Ninja Turtle suits over the years but that wouldn’t make us love them any less. They’re The Turtles, dude, come on!


Thanks: “V,” via World Oddities

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