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scryerOf all the post-Mastadonian metal bands flooding the metal market these days very few stand out. There’s a buncha bands of dudes with beards who obviously worship Mastodon’s first two albums to the point where if you’re Brent Hinds you’ve probably gone from flattered to offended. Same is true of post-At The Drive In screamo; so many bands have tried and they’ve all done gone and fucked it up, including both The Mars Volta and Sparta.

But combine the two and you’ve got an interesting concept. You’ve also got Santa Cruz, CA’s Scryer, recommended to us by Michael Dunn. No one part of Scryer’s sound is distinctly Mastodonian and no one part is distinctly ATIDian; they borrow equally from both in healthy measures but not to the point of downright imitation. Of course other influences rear their heads as well, but you’ll have to listen to their music to find out for yourself.

Check out Scryer on their MySpace page and let us know what you think.


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