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French tech-metallers Gorod have been teasing the Interwebs for months now with promises of a new EP in 2010 that will include a cover of Cynic’s “Textures”, a 14-minute long new song, an acoustic track and two re-recorded songs from the band’s first two albums. Gorod are that rare band who, as Axl put it, “can combine tech-y goodness with such melodious songwriting hooks,” and we’re huge fans of ’em here at the Mansion. Process of a New Decline ranked high on the 2009 year-end lists of both myself and Bob Cock. So we’re, like, really really excited for this EP. That we get new Gorod music only a year after they released a full album is a-ok with us.

Over the weekend we got yet another tease, this time in the form of a studio video that shows drummer Sam Santiago playing along with what we can only assume is the new 14-minute track. And yeah, it sounds incredible! Can’t wait.


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