Slave to the Grind


  • Axl Rosenberg

Back in January I got to see the mighty mighty Magrudergrind play a killer (but all too short) set at Cakeshop here in NYC; and by “see,” I mean “hear and occasionally get a glance of the tops of their heads.” See, if you’ve never been there, Cakeshop is basically a basement venue, and this show was pretty crowded, and while I don’t think I qualify as “short,” I’m definitely not tall.

But the band sounded pretty good.

Luckily, my man Sean “Spleen Latifa” Gresens from Metal Injection managed to capture the performance on video, and has now posted footage of the song “Pulverizing Hate Mongers,” so now I can see what I previously only got to hear.

You can check out more clips from this gig here, and the rest of Sean’s live shit here. The man is tireless in his quest to get footage of every good underground band that comes through NYC, so it’s definitely worth keeping up with him…


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