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Since this is MetalSucks and I think quite a bit of newer metal DOES suck, I’d like to take the opportunity to talk about every metal musician’s worst nightmare:  modesty and people that can make a statement with or without the assistance of technology.  In most cases if you get past the mean face, band shirt, and disdain for a suntan you are left with music and it’s delivery:

I’m not ashamed to say it.  These days I’ll give a sloppier musician with something to say the benefit of the doubt over someone that is basically living a lie, trying to reproduce live what protools produced for them in the studio.  I think there are two ways to go about it – put on a hell of a show to make people believers, or reproduce the album and all of it’s elements note for note.  I was talking about J.Lo actually…

I think talent is really making a comeback.  Gotta love bands that reunite and forget to practice.  I heard fantastic things about the At The Gates reunion shows, though.  I also heard horrible things about the Rage Against The Machine reunion shows.  This is the best comeback ever:

What really bites a big one is when a badass has what I’d like to refer to as “a moment of humanization.”  Basically every once and a while even badassesbreak character and totally blow it.  We’re not talking about Steven Tyler falling off stage.  I’m referring to something more tragic, but pure awesome:


Sometimes when planets align, something amazing happens.  Someone that stands for something musically horrible gets pure hate from thousands upon thousands of people that were just there to watch football anyway.  Couldn’t they have just hired the spoon guy in that Soundgarden video from back in the day?

Then there is the baddest motherfucker of all time:

So, everyone has to be modest.  “Bentleys in Metal Magazines” doesn’t exist yet. If one feels compelled to be an asshole, they should at the least be doing something 100 percent real and original.  Then I can deal with it.


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