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Is it possible that Lars Ulrich is such a douche chill that he won’t even put on his own socks? I mean, we know that the midget is a drummer with absolutely no relationship to his own feet (rimshot!), but I assumed he would, at the very least, have some desire to give the appearance of being above the age of three. But not so, says Contact Music:

The US heavy metal drummer is so demanding, he even likes to have a member of road crew put his socks on for him, according to the band’s singer, James Hetfield.

Speaking no Norwegian TV, James – who is joined in the band by Lars, bassist Rob Trujilo and guitarist Kirk Hamett – said: “For high maintenance and demanding it’s a tie for first place between Lars and Kirk.

“They need what they need, ‘Oh – my shoelaces are the wrong colour’, or, you know. It’s different, we all operate differently.

“I feel better when people are away from me and I can get into my own space; then Lars – he likes people plugging in his earphones, putting his socks on, all of this stuff.”

Now, I’m obviously not a Lars Ulrich defender, but I do find this whole quote – or at least the way its presented – kinda fishy. There was no clip of the Norwegian television interview in question included, and I can’t seem to find one online; consequently, we have no way of knowing what Hetfield’s tone was when he said this. It seems plausible to me that he was just having a little bit of fun; at Lars’ expense, sure (and it does seem almost plausible, given Ulrich’s rep for being a rockstar prima donna), but still. Do we really think that the neediest member of the band beside the diminutive Dane is Kirk Hammett? He’s like the biggest pushover on the planet! I have more say in Metallica than he does. This feels like it’s a joke that’s been taken out of context for the sake of garnering headlines. And, y’know. Mission accomplished.

If anyone finds a clip of the interview in question, please shoot us a link so we can try and figure out whether or not Hetfield was just taking the piss.


Thanks to Justin for the tip!

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